Welcome to the How-to page of LLT Academia

In this page, you will find guidelines and help tips on how to make the most out of LLT Academia Website. Guidelines have been arranged according to the different features and services of our website, with each module having its own set of tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Below you will find headings of the different modules and brief description of each module. You can click on the respective link to browse the module tutorials and FAQs.


Free Service

Study service provides you with several courses in the field of Linguistics, Language and Translation. You can browse the course catalog or browse the courses based on the broad areas of specialization. Read more.


Free Service

A central part of our website, Book section provides a list of important books in the fields of language, linguistics and translation. Some of these are listed under the books of several courses, which you can refer during your study of our free courses. You can search books or browse them from the catalog. You can browse books by the same author or publisher. You can find related books in the same genre. Finally, you can check the new arrival books to keep abreast with the recent ideas and knowledge. Read more.


Free Service

Whether you are enrolled in one of our free courses or not, you will find the glossary of valuable help. Not only you look up definitions of key terms in the main topics of this website, but you can find cross-references to related entries. It comes with neat alphabetical tabs and a full text search feature, which guarantee that you derive the most out of it. Our Glossary is being updated almost everyday. Read more.


Free Service

Exams are meant to help you keep track of your progress on the course of your study. Not only that, but they provide you with opportunities of unlimited practice of many quizzes and hundred if not thousands of questions. Even if you are not enrolled in one of our free courses, you still have the chance to practice the quizzes and consolidate your knowledge in language, linguistics and translation. Read more.


Free Service

LLT Academia Website was designed keeping research and researchers in mind. We collected the information of the journals which publish articles in language, linguistics, translation and related interdisciplinary areas. Journals were classified into several categories so that you can find your desired journal easily. Whether you look for an open-access journal or a journal indexed in Scopus or the Web of Science, it is guaranteed that you will find what you look for. You can sort journals based on impact factors, too. Not sure of which journal publishes in your topic, then we made it easy for you and classified journals according to the subject and topic area. You can find full information about a given journal, including links, indexing services, submission platforms and contact details. Read more.


Free Service

The Forum is the place where you share your thoughts with the community of LLT Academia. You can create, update or delete your posts anytime you want. The Forum is equipped with a commenting system, by which you receive feedback on your post from the community. Once you log in, you are fully authorised to post and comment directly with no need to approval from a moderator. Read more.


Free Service

Got a question? Simply post it in the Question section to receive answers from the professional and academic community of LLT Academia. You can find related questions to your question, too. Posting questions and answers is direct and it does not require moderator's approval. Read more.


If you post in the Forum or ask a question, you will receive a notification once someone answers your question or comments on your post. Notification system is kept to the minimum. That is, it notifies the authors of posts or questions about activities in their posts or questions. It does not replicate the behaviour of social networks, where all users are notified. This is a professional and academic community. Read more.

Account Settings

Here you can find information on how to update your profile, reset your password or deactivate your account. Read more.