A Practical Introduction to Phonetics   January 17, 2002

By: J. C. Catford

Edited by: This book was not edited by any authors.

ISBN-13: 978019924635

ISBN-10: 0199246351

Edition: 2nd

Genre: Core Linguistics, Phonetics

Language: English

Number of pages: 248 pages.

Publisher: Oxford University Press, New York

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Now in a new edition, this unique interactive introduction to the study of phonetics shows students how to examine the entire range of human sounds through a series of 124 introspective experiments carried out in their own vocal tracts. It systematically covers all types of speech modification (breath, voice, whisper, creak), articulation (the ways in which the air stream is finally modulated to generate specific types of sound), and prosodic features (stress, syllable, tone, intonation). This text also includes a chapter on sound systems--the ways in which particular languages utilize and systematize the universal sound-producing potential of humans. By actually articulating sounds and attending to the motor sensations they produce, readers acquire a deep, personal awareness of the principles of phonetic analysis and classification.