Linguistics: An Introduction   February 23, 2009

By: Andrew Radford, Martin Atkinson, David Britain, Harald Clashsen, Andrew Spencer

Edited by: This book was not edited by any authors.

ISBN-13: 978052161478

ISBN-10: 0521614783

Edition: 2nd

Genre: Core Linguistics, Morphology, Phonetics

Language: English

Number of pages: 438 pages.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, New York

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Written by a team based on one of the world's leading centers for linguistic teaching and research, the scond edition of this highly successful textbook offer a unified approach to language, viewed from a range of perspectives essential for students' understaing of the subject. Using clear explanations throughout, the book is divided into three main sections: sounds (dealing with phonetics and phonology), words (dealing with morphology) and sentences (dealing with synatx).