Introducing Linguistic Morphology   June 23, 2003

By: Laurie Bauer

Edited by: This book was not edited by any authors.

ISBN-13: 978087840343

ISBN-10: 0878403434

Edition: 2nd

Genre: Core Linguistics, Morphology

Language: English

Number of pages: 384 pages.

Publisher: Georgetown University Press, Georgetown

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A newly expanded and updated edition of one of the best-selling introductions to linguistic morphology ― the study and description of word formations in languages ― that deals with inflection, derivation, and compounding, the system of word-forming elements and processes in a language. Basic concepts are introduced, with an abundance of examples from a range of familiar and exotic languages, followed by a discussion of, among other topics, the definition of word-form, productivity, inflection versus derivation, and the position of morphology to phonology, the science of speech sounds, especially the history and theory of sound changes in a language. Along with two new chapters discussing morphology and the brain and how morphology arises, changes, and disappears, this new edition includes exercises and a glossary of key terms.