Vowels and Consonants   May 07, 2012

By: Peter Ladefoged

Edited by: This book was not edited by any authors.

ISBN-13: 978144433429

ISBN-10: 1444334298

Edition: 3rd

Genre: Core Linguistics, Phonetics

Language: English

Number of pages: 230 pages.

Publisher: Wiley Blackwell, London

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This book describes how languages use a variety of different sounds, many of them quite unlike any that occur in well-known languages. It was written by the late Peter Ladefoged, one of the world's leading phoneticians, with updates by renowned forensic linguist, Sandra Ferrari Disner. It includes numerous revisions to the discussion of speech technology and additional updates throughout the book. It explores the acoustic, articulatory, and perceptual components of speech, demonstrates speech synthesis, and explains how speech recognition systems work. It is supported by an accompanying website at www.vowelsandconsonants3e.com featuring additional data and recordings of the sounds of a wide variety of languages, to reinforce learning and bring the descriptions to life.